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A forest deep enough to make you forget your Urban Self and powerful enough to restore your energy and ground you back to Earth. A lake tranquil enough to give the perfect reflection of your True Self. You know it damn well: that vibe that gets you closer to the origins and connects you to that pure joy of being alive.

Add to this idyllic romanian landscape a slice of typical german minimalistic approach to the deeper shades of electronic music fused with japanese techno flavours synched on metronomic precision and you’ve got ToFu Productions, the stage name for this amazing collaboration between Thomas Melchior and Fumiya Tanaka.

And if this was not enough to imprint some beautiful memories inside your braincells, we’re closing down this epic night with our own way of greeting the sunrise: Barac & Gescu.

Be sure you give yourself just the right amount of time to reconnect to nature as a unique Charlie & Suciu back 2 back will be the first to set the tone, introducing in their complex electronic universe as a warmup.



Cea mai lungă tiroliană din România, care traversează lacul Cernica pe o distanță de 800 de metri.

Traversarea durează 3 minute, în care, cu siguranță, te vei bucură de senzația de libertate și de eliberare de care ai nevoie!


A great escape in the nature close to the big city

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